Inspiratie voor 2017


“Don’t focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with the world.
See the world as it is.
See the light and the dark, the love and the flight from love, the kindness and its forgetting.
Understand the world. Forgive the world. Hold the world in your loving arms.
She is young, and making mistakes, and learning.
And from this place of love, re-enter the world.
Stand strong like a rock, illuminating the world with your powerful presence.
Speak up for those without a voice.
Bless the world you are birthing now.
Do not energise a dying world with your intolerance.
Gather together with your brothers and sisters.
Discover your true family, beyond colour, race, religion, belief.
Unite in the name of love.
Now you are not attacking the world but fighting alongside her,
and all her angels fight with you.”

Text: Jeff Foster
Photo: Anjo Kan, Refugees and volunteers holding hands, Lesbos

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